Denver, a manufacturer of machines for the stone and glass industry, relies on DVP vacuum technology for the innovative Advance Plus, the CNC vertical working center for glass processing.

Specialised in the stone and marble sector since 1984, in 2006 the San Marino Tech Valley company commenced production of machinery for flat glass processing, today offering cutting-edge solutions for the furniture and automotive worlds and for the highly sophisticated touchscreen industry. Advance Plus, the latest innovation from Denver, is the true modern alternative to the horizontal working center. One of the new features is the DMV Dual Motion Vacuum System, the system for gripping and handling workpieces by means of automatically positioned suction cups that, thanks to the patented air-operated cups on-off system, eliminates maintenance, wear of mechanical parts and loss of precision.

The grip of the Advance Plus machining centre is ensured by the DVP CPV 25/25 Industrial Vacuum System, with 25 dm3 tank and LC 25 lubricated vacuum pump. With their compact and functional design, the industrial vacuum systems are the best solution for use in environments with lubricating and cooling liquids. Thanks to the vacuum-liquid separation system, the CPV 25/25 guarantees an exceptional vacuum level for the optimal operation of Advance Plus.

Thanks to a close relationship with its customers that is reinforced every single day, DVP is deeply involved in the development of the sector, designing customised products with high versatility, the result of a shared vision.