CPA Triplex

CPA Triplex industrial vacuum systems with triple pump are mainly used in centralized vacuum systems as units suitable for creating and maintaining a certain vacuum within the system to allow proper operation of the equipment connected.

The use of three lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps allows you to maintain the level of vacuum in the system even when there are peaks in the vacuum request from the user.


Nominal capacity: 51.2 – 127.2 CFM

The CPA Triplex industrial vacuum system is equipped with:

  • Three lubricated vacuum pumps complete with an electric motor and deoiling filter at the outlet, assembled on a vertical support to contain the dimensions
  • Vertical welded vacuum tight painted steel tank, complete with a ball valve for the drainage of condensate that forms inside it
  • Integrated n on-return valve on the intake of each individual pump to maintain the vacuum in the tank with the pumps stopped
  • Three FCM filters with metal bowl to protect the pumps from taking in any impurities present in the system
  • Ball valve placed on the intake of each individual pump to isolate it from the system during maintenance
  • Ball valve placed on the tank connection to isolate it from the system
  • Electric control panel
  • Absolute pressure sensor on the tank

Main application fields:
vacuum centralized systems.

U.S. gal
Torr / inHg
79.3 *
3x LC 25
7.5 / 29.63
3x 1.2
132.1 *
3x LC 25
7.5 / 29.63
3x 1.2
132.1 *
3x LC 40
7.5 / 29.63
3x 1.8
132.1 *
3x LC 60
7.5 / 29.63
3x 2.4
* Vertical tank
** IE2 efficiency motor
*** IE3 efficiency motor


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