AdaptShield is an innovative device that optimally manages the functioning of CBL systems by guaranteeing the automatic protection of the BCA lobe pump and the primary lubricated pump in case of critical events such as plant leaks, loss of performance and over temperature.

Thanks to the self-adaptive control, AdaptShield optimizes the absorbed energy according to system conditions, with energy savings of 13% compared to systems without AdaptShield, and 20% compared to those with mechanical bypass.

AdaptShield ensures improved performance: shorter pump down time, fast reaction to pressure variation and optimal adaptation to the process to enable the best possible performance. The use of the new CBL Systems with AdaptShield is easier thanks to the plug and play installation and the fast sizing software to meet every need.

Everything is under control with AdaptShield, even from a smartphone with the app that monitors the operating parameters, error individualization and remote support.


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