The new series of Oil-free Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, SC 60 – SC 80 – SC 100 – SC 140, has an original design and a significant performance boost.

The service life of the vanes is increased by 100% thanks to the highly resistant graphite material they are made of and the low operating temperature within the pump. The lower operating temperature of the pump, thanks to the appropriate flow of air and increased ventilation, reduces heat radiation in the work environment for increased safety, thus improving and optimising the system and the production cycle. The noise level of the pumps has decreased by 3 dB(A) thanks to the use of a soundproofing panel inside the conveyer carter and the redesign of the intakes. Maintenance has never been so simple: now, the removable front grid allows direct access to the vanes for quick replacement without removing the complete conveyer carter. Thanks to the optimisation of the suction and discharge phases, energy efficiency has been increased up to 15%: from atmospheric pressure to absolute final pressure, today the energy consumption does not change.

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