Cocktail bars, coffee shops, restaurants, but also small artisan productions, are daily dealing with preparations such as infusions and marinades of foods. Especially for these medium-small businesses, minipack®-torre, a leading company for over forty years in the design and production of packaging solutions, has patented the new range of Vaqua Chef’s Cube liquid packaging machines with DVP vacuum technology.

Infusions, cocktails, marinades: all of these can be prepared with Vaqua Chef’s Cube. Just touch the touch screen or smartphone, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to program the perfect vacuum cycle for every preparation and Vaqua Chef’s Cube will make it in a bag, jar or bottle in a matter of moments, with better results than the traditional infusion or 48-hour-long marinating process. Thanks to the efficiency and versatility of Vaqua Chef’s Cube, the waste of raw materials is reduced, and the shelf-life of products is extended, in addition to enhancing all their organoleptic properties and keeping odors in the kitchen under control.

With Vaqua Chef’s Cube the vacuum level obtained inside the package is extremely high, about 99.9%: an extraordinary result made possible by the LC 4 Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump. Why should you rely on the LC 4 Vacuum Pump? Because it is specially designed for suctioning air flows with high percentages of vapour. The anti-oxidation treatment applied on the rotor and on the pump body, in fact, increases the resistance, making it suitable for this type of application. But that’s not all! The design is compact and fits perfectly inside vacuum packaging machines having smaller dimensions, just like those used in the catering sector, where also the very low noise level of the pump is an advantage that cannot be ignored.

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