DVP showcases Kzero, the new Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Pumps LC 106 and LC 151 series. The Kzero series is the best solution to offer lower operating temperature in those sectors where working environments reach temperatures of 40°C or higher.
The LC 106 Kzero and LC 151 Kzero (data sheet) Vacuum Pumps are designed with a totally renovated body pump. The use of the check valve rubber instead of the plate silencer gives greater strength and less deterioration in contact with oil and solvent. The insertion of the fan guarantees heat reduction as well as optimal oil maintenance. The LC 106 Kzero and LC 151 Kzero pumps are equipped with oil check valve, exhaust mist eliminator, automatic floating oil recovery valve, shock mounts, oil filter with by-pass, flexible transmission coupling, and they are suitable for continuous operation within a pressure range of 400 mbar to 4 mbar.
The main application fields of LC 106 Kzero and LC 151 Kzero Lubricated Pumps are: electronic transformers drying; centralized medical units; ceramic extruder and degassers; metal washers and metal treatment machines; any other sector where oil is in contact with solvent and deteriorated by it.
The Kzero series reflects the most recent production technology applied by DVP to the Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Pumps.

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