As specialist in the design and realization of high-tech systems for the oil-hydraulics, pneumatics, and automotive sectors, Aerre chooses DVP Vacuum Pumps for oil degassing and charging devices and for test benches.

In its plant in Chiusa di Ginestro (PU) in Italy, Aerre is the leading supplier to the most important players in the automotive, motorcycle and racing fields because it can produce cutting-edge customized and innovative solutions.

The oil degassing and charging devices designed by Aerre carry out the treatment and charging of oil in two- or four-wheel vehicle systems that require high quality and cleanliness of the oil itself. These robots guarantee the protection of valves and actuators and ensure the best performance and longest life of all components.

Aerre relies on the DVP LC 4 and LC 8 Vacuum Pumps for oil degassing and charging devices. Compact design and low noise are the main features of these lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps. LC 4 and LC 8 vacuum pumps are suitable for the evacuation of small closed containers and are equipped with an oil check valve, which guarantees perfect isolation of the equipment when the pump is stopped under vacuum, and with an exhaust mist eliminator.

The test benches of Aerre are exclusive systems, managed with dedicated software, which allow to carry out specific tests on different components of racing and road cars, such as tests on the steering system or on the braking system.

Aerre uses the DVP LC 60 Vacuum Pumps for the test benches. Only hazardous parts in the LC 60 lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump have been housed to improve both the cooling and the appearance of the pump. Pump control and maintenance operations are simplified and the damping and recovery system, equipped with a by-pass, together with the new float type oil recovery valve, ensures the absence of oil vapors at the outlet.

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