What are side channel blowers used for?

DVP Side channel blowers are blowers designed to compress or suck clean air, air or gas mixtures and inert gases.
Compared to traditional Rotary vane vacuum pumps, they guarantee a total absence of maintenance and maximum silence in the working area.
Installation is simple and does not require any particular effort: it is sufficient to consult the installation manual and follow the suggested procedure step by step.

How do they work?

The working principle of DVP Side channel blowers is based on the rotation of an impeller equipped with small vanes inside a stator.
Thanks to the centrifugal force generated by the rotation. air vortexes are created that are dragged by the intake vanes towards the discharge.
The operation of these turbines is dry, i.e., without lubrication, and ensures the absence of oil from compressed fluids.

Where are they used?

It is possible to use them on machines and industrial plants that require suction and delivery pressures, maximum operational safety, and low noise emissions.
In the environmental sector their use is particularly suitable for the oxygenation and purification of wastewater and in waste disposal plants.
The DVP blowers can also be used in the field of pneumatic conveying in suction and compression for the handling of dusty materials and in the industry of food packaging automatic lines.

Discover the full range of DVP side channel blowers!

DVP supplies a wide range of single-stage, double-stage, double-parallel stage, and triple-stage turbines with single-phase or three-phase high-efficiency IE3 motors. Some models are available with front suction inlet. All versions can be used as compressors. If used as a compressor, the output flow is clean and free of pulsations.
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