As a manufacturer of vacuum technologies applied to the processing of composite materials and as a promoter of sustainable innovation, DVP enthusiastically welcomed the collaboration with UniBo Motorsport to produce the Elettra GN electric formula-style car.

Founded in 2009 by a group of engineering students with a common passion for the world of cars and motorcycles, UniBo Motorsport is the Racing Team of the University of Bologna. The competition challenges teams of university students to conceive, design, fabricate, develop, and compete with formula style race cars.

Unveiled in July, Elettra GN is the result of an efficient teamwork based on the cohesion between each Team member and the exchange of information and knowledge, to optimize all the development phases of the project. The students thus had the opportunity to discuss and put into practice the knowledge acquired during the academic years about electric cars and eco-friendly mobility.

For the construction of the carbon fiber body shell, the Racing Team of the University of Bologna  used NEPTUNUS 25, a DVP Vacuum System, with 25-liter tank and LC 25 Vacuum Pump, specially customized according to the technical needs of the team.

The vacuum created by the DVP Vacuum System during the vacuum bagging process not only made the laminate extremely compact, but also removed the moisture in the composite material and excess resin, maximizing the overall stiffness and performance of the resulting product.

DVP strongly believes in collaboration aimed at sustainable innovation and is therefore pleased to support with its technology these students, who dedicate themselves with commitment and motivation to the success of this ambitious educational project.