Guacamole is the most famous avocado-based dip of Mexican origin, developed by the Aztecs, now widespread all over the world to flavor many dishes. With an intense green color and a fresh taste, the original recipe includes a few simple ingredients in addition to avocado, such as lime juice, salt and green chili pepper. In the industrial preparation of this tasty compound, the most important production sites in Mexico rely on DVP Vacuum Systems with the innovative AdaptShield technology.

Inside the mixer, the vacuum generated by the CBL System with BCA Lobe Pump and Lubricated Rotary Vane Pump helps to permeate the taste of the ingredients, as well as to reduce the oxygen in the mixture to make it suitable for packaging. The proper functioning of the CBL System in the production of guacamole is guaranteed by the innovative AdaptShield technology, which protects it from critical events such as loss of performance and over temperature. AdaptShield optimizes the absorbed energy according to system conditions and ensures improved performance. Everything is under control with AdaptShield, even from a smartphone with the app that monitors the operating parameters, error individualization and remote support.

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