DVP showcases the CPAP Vacuum Systems with double and triple PA 155 and PA 315 Claw Pump. Developed to be used in centralized vacuum systems, the CPAP Vacuum Systems are very advantageous especially from the standpoint of energy savings, because the pumps are only switched on automatically as the user requires.
Fitted on a vertical support, to make the system as compact as possible, the CPAP Vacuum Systems are equipped with FCM filters to protect the claw pumps from taking in any impurities present in the system and electric control panel, which manages all the setting operations and control of the operating parameters. A ball valve placed on the intake of each individual claw pump allows to isolate it from the system during maintenance, already reduced to a minimum, by virtue of the lack of friction between the moving rotors. CPAP Vacuum System are available in sizes with maximum pumping speed of 750 m3/h.
The main application fields of CPAP Vacuum Systems are: evacuation of anesthetic gases, medical vacuum, vacuum conveying systems, inert gas treatment, milking systems, woodworking, pasta sector, packaging, soil remediation, chemical-pharmaceutical applications and water aeration.
DVP opens the range of systems to the most innovative dry technology with CPAP Vacuum Systems.
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