LC 106 Vacuum Pumps for Covid-19 vaccine packaging: a look at why they're chosen

In the rush to produce vaccines for the Covid-19 pandemic, vacuum technology also plays a central role.

LC 106 Vacuum Pumps have always been used in the pharmaceutical sector in automatic machines for the aseptic packaging of liquid and powder drugs. Thus, during this critical time, LC 106 Pumps are chosen for high-speed lines to fill vials containing Covid-19 vaccines.

The LC 106 Lubricated Vane Vacuum Pump combines reliability with practicality. Only hazardous parts have been housed to improve the cooling. Performance is always high due to simplified control and maintenance operations.

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Automotive sector: making composite body shells with LC 20 Vacuum Pump!

In the car industry, more and more composite materials are in demand, as they are light and flexible, but at the same time solid and sturdy. Made by combining different materials including carbon under the form of long fibers woven together and dipped in a resin, composite material can be manufactured through the vacuum bagging process: vacuum bags are connected to a vacuum pump that compresses the underlying laminate, giving it high strength.

For this application we recommend the use of the LC 20 Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, as RUB Motorsport, a team of students from Ruhr-Universität Bochum, already did for the construction of the body shell of the RUB19 racing car involved in international Formula Student competitions. The LC 20 Vacuum Pump ensures constant and long-lasting vacuum setting and guarantees the right surface pressure on the laminate.

More technical details about LC 20 Vacuum Pump are available here.

Liquid packaging machines: vacuum infusions and marinades with DVP Pumps!

Cocktail bars, coffee shops, restaurants, but also small artisan productions, are daily dealing with preparations such as infusions and marinades of foods. Especially for these medium-small businesses, minipack®-torre, a leading company for over forty years in the design and production of packaging solutions, has patented the new range of Vaqua Chef’s Cube liquid packaging machines with DVP vacuum technology.

Infusions, cocktails, marinades: all of these can be prepared with Vaqua Chef's Cube. Just touch the touch screen or smartphone, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to program the perfect vacuum cycle for every preparation and Vaqua Chef’s Cube will make it in a bag, jar or bottle in a matter of moments, with better results than the traditional infusion or 48-hour-long marinating process. Thanks to the efficiency and versatility of Vaqua Chef’s Cube, the waste of raw materials is reduced, and the shelf-life of products is extended, in addition to enhancing all their organoleptic properties and keeping odors in the kitchen under control.

With Vaqua Chef’s Cube the vacuum level obtained inside the package is extremely high, about 99.9%: an extraordinary result made possible by the LC 4 Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump. Why should you rely on the LC 4 Vacuum Pump? Because it is specially designed for suctioning air flows with high percentages of vapour. The anti-oxidation treatment applied on the rotor and on the pump body, in fact, increases the resistance, making it suitable for this type of application. But that's not all! The design is compact and fits perfectly inside vacuum packaging machines having smaller dimensions, just like those used in the catering sector, where also the very low noise level of the pump is an advantage that cannot be ignored.

Find out all technical details about LC 4 Vacuum Pumps. minipack®-torre has chosen us, now contact us too!

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DVP Vacuum pump filters for a safer suction!

An uncontaminated suctioned air flow protects the vacuum pump from operating faults and recurring maintenance.

In all dusty environments, such as in the wood industry or in pneumatic conveying for the plastics processing and food industry, the suction of pumps and compressors can be compromised by the presence of dust or solids. Also the suction of condensable vapors and liquids coming from the system, as can happen in the glass and marble working process, can be a problem for the proper functioning of the pump.

In all these cases, we recommend the use of DVP vacuum pump filters, which help to decontaminate the suctioned volume and protect the pump.

To find out which is the most suitable filter for your DVP vacuum pump see the page on vacuum pump filters or contact us!

Fresh food longer? With vacuum you can!

In the restaurant industry, but also at home, vacuum is a technique increasingly used for the preservation of food. Vacuum technology prevents the deterioration of our food by taking away the air and avoiding the proliferation of bacteria and mold.

For 50 years Sirman has been manufacturing the finest food processing machines for the professional kitchen, the small meat processing and retail industry. Sirman chooses DVP Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps for the new range of W8 TOP vacuum packaging machines. A real revolution in the field of vacuum packaging machines: not only practical and easy to use and clean, but also intelligent. Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, the new W8 TOP range communicates directly with the service centre in case of problems that can be solved remotely and can also be managed and controlled via app. It is available with the optional A.O.R. (Automatic Oil Replacement) system, which allows to manage the oil change of the vacuum pump automatically and in total autonomy.

Inside the W8 TOP vacuum packaging machines, the LC 12 and LC 20 Vacuum Pumps draw air from bags or sealed containers in the best possible way, thus ensuring the freshness and taste of the food. Compact design, low noise level and easy maintenance are some of the features that make LC 12 and LC 20 Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps different. With the highly efficient oil damping and recovery system in the tank, the complete absence of oil vapours at the outlet is guaranteed. Moreover, a sealing device prevents the oil from being sucked back should the pump stop under vacuum.

Thanks to the collaboration with Sirman and the experience gained in the sector, our Vacuum Pumps are the right solution for the safe and long-lasting preservation of food.

Pack Expo Connects 2020 – Visit our showroom!

We are glad to announce our participation at Pack Expo Connects 2020, the year’s most engaging event for the packaging industry, from November 9 to 13.

PACK EXPO Connects 2020 will foster interactions between consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies and top suppliers with an intuitive, state-of-the-art interactive platform that makes live engagement possible.

Register for free now here and visit our virtual showroom to discover the latest news on DVP vacuum technology for the packaging industry!

New eco-protective packaging for accessories and spare parts

We choose to protect our accessories and spare parts with new generation corrugated cardboard packaging, highly performing and close to the environment.

The new packaging, made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard, reduces CO2 emissions into the air by 15%. Packaging not only environmentally friendly, but sturdier: the protection of accessories and spare parts is guaranteed by the corrugated cardboard, thin and compact because it is made through an innovative raw material manufacturing process.

The new eco-protective packaging is a choice of responsibility, which allows us to preserve the integrity of our accessories and spare parts in full respect of the environment.

An extra warranty!

We firmly believe in the quality of our products and for this reason, from 15 to 30 October 2020, we offer you a free one year extension (or six months renewal) of the warranty on your DVP Vacuum Pump already in use with the purchase of the related Major Spare Parts Kit.

The offer does not apply to Pumps purchased before 01/01/2018.

Request mor information now at: with subject: KIT20 to join the initiative!