The best results in any industrial sector

The wide use of DVP pumps and compressors is the sign of a technology that helps the production process making it safe and efficient.

Environment, chemical, health, food processing, plastics, packaging, glass, metallurgy, ceramics, printing and many others: DVP products can be found in every industrial sector.

Food and Beverages

The food sector and bottling are some of the fields where vacuum technology is principally used. In fact, pumps can be applied in the most typical food processing, in cooking and bottling machines, as well as in different sectors for vegetables cleaning, ham drying, potato aeration, salmon processing machines, and sausage making machines. Vacuum pumps can also be used in milk processing, coffee roasting, and sugar production.


In this sector pumps are used for many different applications such as the oxygenation and purification of wastewater, landfill sites and solar panel construction. This technology also makes an important contribution in compressors for biogas digesters, extraction of gas pollution from soil and in many other fields.

Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry DVP technology applications are relevant for processing primary materials for production on an industrial scale and transfer of gases, chemical substances, mixtures and other types of material. Among the recommended uses for vacuum pumps are distillation, drying and degassing.


Vacuum technology is essential in food packaging: in filling machines, in sealing machines, in packing machines, in processing machines, in the production of PET containers and in the removal of waste and packing in different atmospheric conditions. Vacuum technology is also essential in non-food packaging: in air cushion machines, in blister machines, in filling machines, in sealing machines and in the production of paper bags.

Industrial Cleaning

Residual dirt can compromise the functioning and safety of a product; moreover, the sequential processes of the production line require a clean surface. For these reasons vacuum technology can be used for cleaning specific industrial components: de-oiling under vacuum, sandblasting, dry cleaning, vacuum drying.

Plastic, Rubber and Resin

DVP products also find applications in technology for plastic, rubber and resin processing. Some examples: calibration, contact-free turning of plastic film, dryers, vacuum processing, production of composite material, manufacture of expanded polystyrene foam.

Printing and Paper Industry

Centralised air and vacuum systems are used during the various phases of production of cardboard to realize a finished product. Furthermore, in each step of printing and paper production, including the prepress, printing and postproduction stages, the use of pressure and vacuum technology is essential.


Outgassing, a procedure for the removal of gases, is a very important stage in the creation of ceramics, and it’s done with vacuum pumps, which can also be used in post-production and in the pick and place of products and materials.

Glass, Stone, Wood

In the wood field, vacuum technologies are used for the preservation, drying and vacuum pressing of the wood; in the stone and glass fields they are used for holding and lifting. The whole movement process uses pick and place technology.

Medical Industry

Vacuum technology plays a main role in the production of equipment and accessories used in the medical field: pneumatic beds, chair hoists, central vacuum systems, steam sterilizers (autoclaving), technical and medical respiratory devices and surgical aspirators.

Pneumatic Conveying

Vacuum pumps and compressors play a main role in the pneumatic conveying field using both aspiration and compression. Some examples: transportation of dusts, powders, granulates, such as sand or cement. In addition, vacuum technologies are used in the plastics processing industry and in the food industry.

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

In the refrigeration and air-conditioning field, DVP vacuum pumps are used in the automotive sector to aspirate eventual moisture to guarantee proper functioning of the air-conditioning.

Metallurgy, Metallization, Semiconductors

In these fields, vacuum technologies are used in particle accelerators, dactyloscopy, optoelectronics, tribology, glass coating, magnetic storage, optical coating, decorative coating, optical storage, Glove Box applications and welding technology.

Analytical Field

DVP vacuum technology can be applied in some fields of the analytical sector: laser, leak detectors, freeze dryers, mass spectrometers and chromatography, laboratory autoclaves, microscopy, space simulators, vacuum distillers, gel dryers, centrifuges and laboratory autoclaves.