Who we are

DVP Pumps Inc. is the North American branch of DVP Vacuum Technology, a manufacturer for 50 years of vacuum pumps and compressors that are used in a wide range of industrial sectors such as packaging, industrial cleaning, environment, chemical, health and many others.

Based in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, with over 10,000 square foot of floor space, DVP Pumps Inc. can offer the best service to all customers throughout North and Central America. The spacious facility of the US headquarters houses the sales office, a well-stocked warehouse of products and is also equipped with a dedicated service and repair center to guarantee the most efficient technical assistance and a training area to ensure constant technical updating on DVP vacuum technologies.

With a network of distributors throughout the U.S., DVP Pumps provides sales support, technical support, training, documentation and superior customer support, making every effort to provide the most innovative, efficient and cost-effective pump available.